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Send SNMP Traps from Nagios to Remote Management Host

1. Add ‘send snmp trap’ command to nagios

2. Add this event and enable the event to services which needed to send traps

3. Untar the Nagios MIB file and copy the MIBs to snmp directory on Nagios Host

4. Also management host must have the Nagios MIBs (We are going to test using another linux machine which having SNMP installed)

5. Configure snmptrapd for listen incoming traps

6. Start Snmptrapd for listen incoming traps

7. Restart Nagios

8. Check traps using below command
Management Host – tails -f /var/log/snmptrapd.log
Management Host – tcpdump port 162
Nagios Host – tcpdump dst and port 162

Resources :
Sample Commands.cfg > Download
Sample Hostfile > Download
Nagios MIB > Download

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