Nagios android and IOS mobile notifications
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Configure Android / IOS notificationfor Network Monitoring With Nagios

Download Source File This PHP API script reads Nagios status.dat file and return the JSON result. This API is desinged for Nagios Client unofficial Nagios status monitoring app. Step 1 Upload nath_status.php to your Nagios web root folder. ###Nagios Core’s 3.5.1 default Web Root folder Web Root Folder – Centos /usr/share/nagios/html/ ###Nagios Core’s default Web Root folder Web […]

Red hat linux Shell scripting

AWK and Regular Expressions to Filter Text or String in Files

AWK is an interpreted programming language. It is very powerful and specially designed for text processing. AWK – Basic Examples This chapter describes several useful AWK commands and their appropriate examples. Consider a text file marks.txt to be processed with the following content −

Printing Column or Field You can instruct AWK to print […]

Red hat linux Shell scripting

Send E-Mail On Redhat / CentOS with SMTP (SMTP Relay)

In this tutorial we will send email with mailx and using external SMTP server for email sending from CentOS/Redhat Install mailx

We can now start sending e-mails using create a symbolic link

Set an External SMTP Server to Relay E-Mails


example usage :