Let's Encrypt installation with apache
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Setup Let’s Encrypt to Create SSL Certificates

Before you Begin Complete the steps for setting your Server / VPS hostname and timezone. Complete the steps in our Securing Your Server guide to create a standard user account, harden SSH access, and remove unnecessary network services. Update your server’s software packages:CentOS

Debian / Ubuntu

Download and Install Let’s Encrypt Install the […]

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Howto install sar & ksar system activity info in Centos / Redhat

The sar command collect, report, or save UNIX / Linux system activity information. It will save selected counters in the operating system to the /var/log/sa/sadd file. Fromlinux-logo the collected data, you get lots of information about your server: CPU utilization Memory paging and its utilization Network I/O, and transfer statistics Process creation activity All block […]

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Update PHP 5.1 to 5.5 on Redhat / CentOS 5.5

Add EPEL repo

Remove Previous version

Install PHP 5.5

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Installation of KLOXO Hosting Panel with DKIM and SPF

An easy to follow guide to install DKIM on CentOS 5.x Linux mail servers using qmailtoaster and kloxo/lxadmin. help prevent outgoing emails from your email servers winding up in someone’s spam box. KLOXO instalation guide

Setup EPEL repo on server

Setup DKIM

Create a TXT record dkim1._domainkey.mail[domain] on DNS server for the […]

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Install and configure FTP server on CentOS

Complete answer that solved my question for any others that are after a step by step walkthrough… Install vsftpd using “yum install vsftpd”. Create user with useradd [user_name]. Create user’s password with passwd [user_name]. (You’ll be prompted to specify the password). Create FTP directory in /var/ftp and then bind to the ‘home’ directory you wish […]

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How to install, setup and configure an OpenVPN Service on CentOS 5

In this tutorial, we will learn how to install, setup and configure an OpenVPN Service on CentOS 5 as well as configuring the firewall to allow vpn traffic. Clients configuration will be done in the linked article, available at the bottom of this tutorial. Topology used in this scenario:

Installation: 1) To begin, we […]

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Asterisk – Setup Elastix in exist CentOS or VPS

Case 1 (With Elastix Repository) Create new repository vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix.repo

Install EPEL Repository for dependencies

Install Elastix with yum

Run Elastix Firstboot script

  Case 2 (With Elastix CD) Get Elastix ISO CD.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix-cd.repo

Setup MySQL and Webinterface password:

Note: Before setup password, root’s password is […]