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Installing the Free G729 Codec for Asterisk

This tutorial will let you install the G729 Codec on an Asterisk installation in under 5 minutes. Navigate to the codecs directory:

Download the codec Codecs are provided as binary .so files, you can find the archive at Take care of the following when picking up one of the files, they depend on […]


OBD Call using Asterisk CLI

This is a useful command when building your dial plan, it allows testing of the dial plan remotely. There are a couple of commands to explain. The first is the originate command a highly useful tool for checking any IVR context’s, this is how to use it.

Let me explain this.: originate = command […]


Connect Cisco SPA400 SIP Gateway (4 FXO Ports) with Asterisk

On Asterisk /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, you need to configure the account exactly similar to User ID of SPA400 The entries in sip.conf to enable Asterisk register to SPA400 are as follow:

Replace 9000 with the value you entered in the User ID of SPA400, and replace with the IP address of the SPA400. Create a […]


Connect 2 Asterisk servers with IAX2 Trunk

Server 1 configurations

Server 2 Configurations

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Asterisk – Setup Elastix in exist CentOS or VPS

Case 1 (With Elastix Repository) Create new repository vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix.repo

Install EPEL Repository for dependencies

Install Elastix with yum

Run Elastix Firstboot script

  Case 2 (With Elastix CD) Get Elastix ISO CD.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix-cd.repo

Setup MySQL and Webinterface password:

Note: Before setup password, root’s password is […]