OBD Call using Asterisk CLI

This is a useful command when building your dial plan, it allows testing of the dial plan remotely. There are a couple of commands to explain. The first is the originate command a highly useful tool for checking any IVR context’s, this is how to use it.

Let me explain this.:

originate = command

SIP/14075551234 = what technology to use so this could be IAX.,SIP,ZAP,DHADI following a slash and phone number

@sip-outbound = this is what context to send it to in sip.conf or other associated technology file

extension = is required for the command

s = this is what exten to send to within the context specified below

@auto-att = which context to send to in extensions.conf

Now the other way to dial out from the system is with the dial command which is show below.

dial 14075551234@internal

dial = the command

14075551234 = the digits to send, so this could be anything you want it just has to match something in the context you specify

@internal = the context you would like to match the digits in extensions.conf


Above command will generate an outbound call to 07428XXXXXX, To check different spans of PRI card you have to edit g0(i.e grouping of PRI)


Sample with SLT SIP trunk

0715770488 = mobile number
SLT = Outgoing Trunk

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