Connect Cisco SPA400 SIP Gateway (4 FXO Ports) with Asterisk

On Asterisk /etc/asterisk/sip.conf, you need to configure the account exactly similar to User ID of SPA400

The entries in sip.conf to enable Asterisk register to SPA400 are as follow:

Replace 9000 with the value you entered in the User ID of SPA400, and replace with the IP address of the SPA400.

Create a SIP entry for SPA400, with the following information:

SIP entry to receive calls from SPA400 are as the following:

To see whether you are registered to Asterisk or not, you can carry out the following command:

In Extension.conf file we can configure the routing for dial-out using SPA400. An example of a generic configuration for dial-out route by pressing 9 and enter SPA400 FXO trunk is as follows:

Note that the SPA400’s account number in Asterisk is 9000, the number we are using as an example.

Incoming call routing is more complex. If we assume the incoming call will be connected to extension 200, then the configuration is approximately as follows:

Connect with Elastix as SIP trunk


Create SIP trunk as follows:

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