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Install and configure FTP server on CentOS

Complete answer that solved my question for any others that are after a step by step walkthrough… Install vsftpd using “yum install vsftpd”. Create user with useradd [user_name]. Create user’s password with passwd [user_name]. (You’ll be prompted to specify the password). Create FTP directory in /var/ftp and then bind to the ‘home’ directory you wish […]

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Asterisk – Setup Elastix in exist CentOS or VPS

Case 1 (With Elastix Repository) Create new repository vi /etc/yum.repos.d/elastix.repo [elastix-base] name=Base RPM Repository for Elastix mirrorlist=$basearch&repo=base #baseurl=$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=1 gpgkey= [elastix-updates] name=Updates RPM Repository for Elastix mirrorlist=$basearch&repo=updates #baseurl=$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=1 gpgkey= [elastix-beta] name=Beta RPM Repository for Elastix mirrorlist=$basearch&repo=beta #baseurl=$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=0 gpgkey= [elastix-extras] name=Extras RPM Repository for Elastix mirrorlist=$basearch&repo=extras #baseurl=$basearch/ gpgcheck=1 enabled=1 gpgkey= Install […]