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Send Nagios SMS Alert with Gnokii

Installing Gnokii Requirements – intltool-0.35.0-2.i386.rpm

configure Gnokii for Wavecom GSM modem

Check modem is properly configured

sending SMS

Sending SMS from Nagios

Add commands to file

Edit contacts in localhost file

nagios Red hat linux

Send SNMP Traps from Nagios to Remote Management Host

1. Add ‘send snmp trap’ command to nagios

2. Add this event and enable the event to services which needed to send traps

3. Untar the Nagios MIB file and copy the MIBs to snmp directory on Nagios Host

4. Also management host must have the Nagios MIBs (We are […]

nagios Red hat linux

Nagios Notifications using SMTP server with Authentication

We needed to setup Nagios to utilize our internet service providers SMTP Email server for notification emails. The biggest problem was that the ISP’s outgoing email server requires authentication. Nagios setup with SMTP outgoing authentications. These are instructions and examples on how we got this setup working. I hope this helps others in the Nagios […]